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Nochlezhka is one of the most professional and experienced organizations in its field.
today we realize the following projects

Shelter for homeless

The largest shelter in the city at 112B, Borovaya Street

Night Bus

Free food, medications and social assistance

Heating Center

Heated Tents for 50 people each, where anyone can spend the night, get some food and medications (operating from October until April)

Counselling Service

Free legal and social consultations and a place to get free food, clothes and toiletries

Halfway home

A rehabilitation programme for people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction

Cultural Launderette

A launderette for homeless people where they can wash and dry their clothes for free

Sharing experience

Guidelines, manuals and reference books for other organisations

Raising awareness

Raising awareness about homelessness, spreading the word about Nochlezhka’s activities and fund-raising for our social projects

For Volunteers

Most of Nochlezhka’s work is done by volunteers

Our campaigns

One of Nochlezhka’s missions
is to change people’s attitude
to the homeless.