About Nochlezhka

One of the most professional and experienced organisations helping the homeless.
Founded in 1990

About us

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Nochlezhka's task — return people to normal life

  • 33 years fight against homelessness
  • Hundreds volunteers and partners from all over Russia
  • Thousands saved human lives

The interregional charitable public organization Nochlezhka appeared in 1990 in St. Petersburg. We feed, heat, help with documents, work, registration of disabilities, benefits, placement in boarding schools, in search of relatives and departure home, we dispute illegal real estate transactions and protect the rights of people without a home and registration.

We are a charitable organization, so we independently look for sponsors, grants, subsidies and collect donations for the work of our projects. Nochlezhka is 100 employees, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of people whom we were able to help.

News reports about Nochlezhka

  • Briton Dan Skeates travels the world on a motorcycle and shoots videos on how help can be provided to homeless people. 13:51

  • Nozhlezhka's staff talk about projects: the Shelter, Heating centers, Counseling Service, Cultural Launderette 4:46

  • Short interview with Dima, a former homeless. 4:46

  • Nozhlezhka's public service ad «The homeless read what people write about them» (2016) 1:17

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Our awards and prizes

We have received 21 awards and prizes from Saint-Peterssburg governor, Ministry of Economic Development and many other
  • 170 homeless people were rehabilitated at the Nochlezhka shelter in 2022
  • 3 514 people received social and legal consultations in 2022
  • 61 019 portions of a hot dinner were distributed by volunteers to homeless people in 2022
  • 849 people found shelter in tents of heating points in 2022

History of Nochlezhka

  • 1990

    Creation of the Nochlezhka Foundation by Valery Sokolov and a group of like-minded people who are concerned about the plight of homeless people and people without registration.

    In Leningrad, due to food shortages, a rationing system was introduced. Food cards were not issued to the homeless and people without a “propiska”. Nochlezhka got the city administration to make a decision to issue cards to the homeless for basic foodstuffs.

  • 1991

    Nochlezhka sought the abolition of articles 198 and 209 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which criminalized vagrancy, begging and parasitism.

  • 1993

    On Pushkinskaya, 10 opened the city's first charity canteen for the homeless.

    We initiated the creation of polling stations for voting by citizens of the Russian Federation who do not have registration at the federal level elections in St. Petersburg and other regions of the country. Although in insufficient quantities, but plots have been created.

  • 1994

    The newspaper "Na Dne" was founded. Also, the publication was published in a magazine version called "The Way Home". The main goal of the magazine is to help the homeless return to society and provide them with the opportunity to legally earn money (any homeless person can become a newspaper distributor).

Detailed Nochlezhka's history


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