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About Nochlezhka

One of the most professional and experienced organisations helping the homeless.
Founded in 1990

Members of Nochlezhka’s staff in the charity’s courtyard. May, 2016    

Nochlezhka exists to bring people back to stable lives

Nochlezhka was founded in St. Petersburg in 1990. It feeds the homeless, keeps them warm, helps them sort out their papers, find a job, register as disabled, get accepted at care homes, find relatives and return home, challenge fraudulent transactions at court, and defends the rights of the homeless and people with no official registration.

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, so we look for sponsors, grants, subsidies and organise charity campaigns and collections to raise money to run our projects. Nochlezhka is the 25 employees, the hundreds of volunteers and the thousands of people whom we have managed to help.

29 years

of fighting homelessness


of volunteers and partners
all across Russia


of saved lives

News reports about Nochlezhka    



A short documentary about Nochlezhka and homelessness in Russia (2013) 4:46

Nozhlezhka's public service ad «The homeless read what people write about them» (2016) 1:17

Over the course of our history we have received 21 awards and prizes

From the Ministry of Economic Development,
the Centre for development of voluntary work and many others

Nochlezhka’s History    


A group of people concerned about the discrimination of the homeless founded a charity called Nochlezhka (Russian for ‘night shelter’).

In the same year Nochlezhka was granted the right to give out rationing cards to the homeless so that they could buy the most basic goods (these were otherwise only given to people registered, or officially residing, in Leningrad), thus creating the system of ‘alternative registration’.    


Nochlezhka participated in getting articles 198 and 209 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation removed. These articles criminalised vagrancy, mendicancy and ‘social parasitism’.   


The first free canteen for the homeless was opened.

Nochlezhka organised polling stations for homeless people during elections and the national referendum on the new Russian Constitution.


The ‘Na Dne’(The Lower Depths) newspaper founded. This periodical is currently published as a magazine called ‘Way home’. The magazine is designed to help the homeless re-integrate into society and give them a chance to legally make some money (any homeless person can distribute this periodical). This magazine is currently published by one of our partners, ‘Novye Socialnye Reshenia’ (New Social Solutions). 

Nochlezhka’s history in detail


Homeless people underwent a rehabilitation programme at Nochlezhka’s shelter
in 2018

3 227 

people were provided social
and legal counselling
in 2018

17 673

hot meals were given out over to 2945 homeless people in 2018


people used Nochlezhka’s heated tents
in 2018


Andrey Chapaev

Coordinator of the Night Bus and Heated Tents projects

Pavel Lyaks

Social worker

Vlada Misyuryova

Public Relations

Natalia Kravchenko

Projects’ coordinator

Alexey Kotin


All personal


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Nochlezhka’s statutory documents

Salary of Nochlezhka’s staff