Halfway home

A free rehabilitation programme for homeless women suffering from alcohol or drug addiction


Дом на полдороги

About the Halfway Home

Why we do it

Homelessness — is an additional factor that contributes to development of women’s addiction. Homeless women can often start from alcohol consumption, trying to cover up a severe stress, ease pain, forget misery or warm up. Addiction — is a chronical disease, but you keep living with it, avoiding alcohol abuse. Women less often than men are asking for help, often they try to hide their addictions and cope with them alone. Women with addictions more often try to hide their problems in order to deal with them alone. It’s crucial that every woman with difficulties would never stay alone, but instead could come and receive the help she needs, where she would feel safe.

How it works

In a half way House live women who have acknowledged their addiction and are ready to work at their sobriety for the next 6 months. Rehabililtation in a half road House is based on the 12 steps programm and includes group and individual sessions with the chemical addictions specialists and psychologists.

Daily meetings are conducted by equal consultants — people with additctions who are in remission for at least 2 years. Half way house accepts women who have at least one month of confirmed sobriety. Our first clients came into the shelter that has 8 places in october 2023. Team of the half way house consists of women alone, our clients quite often do not feel themselves safe with men, so it’s more convenient for them to work with women. Rehabilitation in the half way road House is based on the AAA’s principals and includes group and individual sessions with additction consultants and psychologists.

Stone developer — is a general Nochlezhka’s partner and has donated 10 million rubles to its needs, covering the needs of the project for 1 year. HR specialists of the Stone consult Half way house clients regarding their employment on the regular basis. Based on the demand the clients, the Half way road house can receive additional consultations with other companies specialists. The project is personally supervised by general director Maksim Geiser.

In order to check in the half way road House, you need to contact the Consulting service. A social worker will provide more information about the programme to those people who are ready to work with their addictions, offering the terms of living. Nochlezhka’s Half way road house provides every client psychologists, social worker specialists and lawyers in order to help them with individual, social and legal issues.

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