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Interaction with the state

In 30 years of its operation, Nochlezhka has done a lot to stop the discrimination of homeless people in Russia and to help them exercise their rights on an equal basis with others


of homeless person’s legal status


aid system on different levels

About the Interaction with the state

Why are we doing this

During our everyday work with homeless people we see what impedes access to quick and efficient help. By summarizing the experience and analysing the gaps in the legislation, we try to understand, whether the issues we encounter are of isolated or systemic nature. If the issue is systemic, we can propose a solution on a regional or federal level. We want accessible, humanized and person-centred aid to be uniform throughout the country. It is crucial for people from the group of risk not to end up on the street, and for homeless people to get back to normal life.

How does it work

We analyse the practices of government aid for homeless people, submit legislative initiatives, communicate with federal agencies and regional administrations. We act as experts of homelessness and proclaim our message at round tables, sessions and forums. Currently, homelessness in Russia has become a chronic disease of our society. Its solution requires a systematic approach, the main goal of which is to eradicate the very causes of this issue. For homeless people and people from the group of risk to be able to use social assistance and return to the society, it is crucial to improve the legislation and law enforcement. It is vital for systematic tackling of homelessness.

What were the most important parts of the project in 2019

Families with children can receive social benefits

at the actual place of residence

We have developed proposals 

to establish a system of street medicine in Russia

The list of social services for the homeless in St. Petersburg now

includes the fees for passport recovery and overnight stay in heated tents during cold seasons

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