Maybe you’re freezing all the time


Maybe you can't find a job right now, you're hungry or tired, or maybe you're cold and can't get warm in any way. You may be feeling like a homeless person right now. Perhaps homelessness is closer than we used to think. 

Together with Alexander Semin, a friend of Nochlezhka and founder of What if Semin? creative agency, author and director of social projects, we launched a new social advertising campaign.

Banners with quotes: "Maybe you haven't slept for a long time now", "Maybe you want to eat now", "Maybe you don't have hot water right now", "Maybe you're freezing all the time", "Maybe you can't find a job" appeared on the highways of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

"There's no division into "them" and "us". There’s much more in common between a "homeless" and a "domestic" person than it might seem. At this particular moment, it can be difficult for us just as it’s difficult right now for someone without a home. When we freeze, and there’s no way to warm up, we freeze in the same way as someone who’s initially deprived of heat. Yes, maybe we’re talking about the minutes of this cold for us. But we’re homeless at these very minutes. Everyone once experiences the same as a homeless person does. And everyone deserves help. And it doesn't matter if it's temporary or always," says Alexander Semin. And we share this view.

The appearence of our advertising in Moscow and St. Petersburg in December wasn't a coincidence. This is that very time when fatigue, cold, anxiety and absence of stability are especially acute. When it’s easier to put ourselves in the place of those who face these troubles all the time.


We’re grateful to Alexander Semin for the idea and help in its implementation and to the operators of Sunlight Outdoor and Poster for providing free banners in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
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