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Who are the homeless?

Homeless people are people who are on the street as a result of family conflicts, fraud, unemployment and health issues. They need help

No one wants to live on the street

The main causes of homelessness

Based on the statistics collected by Nochlezhka’s Counselling Service in 2018


Debunk your stereotypes

Things are not the way you’re used to think they are

The general educational level among the homeless matches that of the overall population of Russia

16,1% — higher or undergraduate, 44,3% — secondary vocational, 28,6% — secondary, 9,4% — unfinished secondary education, 0,8% — primary, 0,8% — no education.

It is just a myth that all homeless people are alcoholics who ruined their own lives

As a rule, people start drinking when they are already homeless: out of despair and not knowing where to ask for help.

No permanent residency – no rights

In Russia people without a residence registration cannot exercise many of their rights: the right to work, the right to medical treatment, pension, social benefits, the right to vote. Oddly enough, the rights are not attached to people but to their residence.

Almost all homeless people dream of going back to stable lives. They just need a bit of help.

Ending up on the street is easy but getting off it without help is practically impossible.

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