Shelter for the Elderly

A project to help elderly homeless people reintegrate into society


Why we do it

People can become homeless at any age and as a result of all sorts of events. The street does not spare anyone but it is particularly hard to survive and get back to a stable life for people who have very little energy and strength to begin with and who cannot support themselves due to their age. We founded a special shelter outside St.Petersburg for elderly homeless people who come to Nochlezhka for help.

How it works

The shelter outside St. Petersburg will become part of our systemic assistance and will let us take some workload off the Rehabilitation Shelter in the city centre. We will be able to refer to the new shelter those who will have to spend months waiting to be admitted to state care homes and those who are invisible, so to speak, to the social security system. For them it is the only chance not to grow old on the street.

The shelter can accommodate up to 15 people. There is always an attendant on site. The residents will get a visit from a social worker and a therapist a few times a week. To move into the shelter, one needs to be referred by a social worker. To find out more, please call us on : +7 (812) 407 30 90, Leningrad Region, Siversky. 


We would like to thank the Karavay bakery for their help with the construction of the building and launch of the shelter – it covered a part of the construction cost; the NONTON online shop and the Hoff charity foundation for the furniture they donated; Standard project and personally Alexander Yegozarov for helping us design the shelter’s utility connections and for the provided consultations; the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Russia for donating the heating equipment; LED-BI for donating the facade lighting.
Please support us: we are still raising funds to run this shelter. We will need the funds to further furnish the shelter, to hire the necessary personnel and to buy the missing utility supplies. Your regular donations will help us plan the shelter’s work for months to come with confidence.

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