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Heating Center

Large heated tents where any one can safely spend the night away from the cold

1 Oct - 31 March

the season of heating tents working

20:00 - 08:00

working hours of the heated tents

About the Heating Center

Nochlezhka opened three heating centers in Autumn-Winter 2018-2019:

1. Near Vasileostrovskaya metro station (CLOSED)
Shkipersky protor, 18/16, near snowmelting point

2. Near Ploshad Mushestva metro station (OPERATING TILL 15/04/2019)
Politekhnicheskaya ulitsca 11B, entrance from Novorossiyskaya ulitsa

3. Near Obukhova metro station (CLOSED)
prospect Devyatogo yanvarya, 8

Download and print a leaflet with adreesses and maps of heating cetners (in Russian). We recommend to have such leaflet in the bag to hand it over for the homeless person on occasion. 

Why we do it

One can survive a winter night in St. Petersburg only if one is safe and warm. We do not want to have people freezing to death on the streets of our city or becoming disabled due to frostbite. So if someone needs to hide from the cold, they can come and stay at one of our heated tents, no certificates or papers required.

How it works

Nochlezhka’s heated tents can accommodate up to 50 people each. Anyone can sleep there protected from the cold, get a hot supper and breakfast, some warm and clean clothes, as well as medical aid. The attendants of the tents tell visitors about Nochlezhka’s shelter and Counselling service and about ways to get off the street with the help of the charity’s experts.

How much does the work of one Heating Point cost

One night’s work

12 939 roubles

One month’s work

388 162 roubles

The work of one Heating Point from November to April

2 328 970 roubles

One night at the Heating Point for one homeless person

259 roubles

According to official figures in 2019 


947 homeless people


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