Raising awareness (Moscow)

Drawing attention to the problem of homelessness, spreading information about Nochlezhka’s work, fundraising for our social projects

Why we do it

On the one hand, we want our society to be more tolerant. We want people to understand that anyone can end up on the street and that helping a stranger in need is natural.

On the other hand, Nochlezhka only has as much money at its disposal as it can raise. If we don’t explain to people who the homeless are, why people end up on the streets and how difficult it is to get back to stable lives, no one will want to help us. Only through regularly raising awareness about homelessness, can we raise funds to run our projects and cover the cost of humanitarian aid. This is also a way to let great people know about us, who might then become our volunteers and help Nochlezhka in a whole variety of aspects.

How it works

We organise awareness campaigns and charitable concerts, we work with mass media and on social media, we interview famous people, shoot videos with famous artists and create public service adverts.

Other projects

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