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Russia’s oldest charity providing assistance to
homeless people   

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We help the homeless

Homeless people find themselves on the streets as a result of family conflicts, fraud, unemployment or health issues.
These people need help. More about the homeless

Our campaigns

One of Nochlezhka’s missions
is to change people’s attitude
to the homeless.    

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Спасибо! Мы будем держать вас в курсе жизни Ночлежки.

You can help too

We will gladly accept

— food that requires no cooking
— toiletries
— monthly public transport passes and metro tickets

More information on where and what to bring

Help financially

Amount transfer

We need money to:
— rent our premises and pay for any renovation works
— pay our staff
— buy food and medications

Способы оплаты: Яндекс деньги, visa, mastercard, qiwi, rbkmoney

Cafes, bars, hostels and shops

Any public places can install
Nochlezhka’s donation box

Your visitors will be able to
donate any amount of money
to support Nochlezhka’s projects

Advertising agencies, publishers, BTL-agencies

can help by
— printing posters and leaflets
— providing billboards for posters
— designing social advertising campaigns 

Contact Nastya Sadovnikova

Buying a souvenir is the easiest way to help

All revenues go towards helping the homeless

Magnets from 100 roubles

Bags from 250 roubles

Mugs from 300 roubles

Give our designer souvenirs as presents to your friends and colleagues and you will help hundreds of people

Nochlezhka’s souvenirs
Помочь может каждый Помочь