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The organization employs more than 35 people. The goal of these people is not money, but helping people.
Most of them had no idea that will work with the homeless.

Daria Baybakova

Head of Moscow branch office

Natalya Shavlohova

Program director

Andrey Chapaev

Humanitarian project manager

Danil Kramorov

Head of Resource and PR Department

Sergey Vinichenko

Attendant of the Counselling Service

Alyona Mordasova

Humanitarian project manager

Karina Garinova

Experience coordinator

Pavel Lyaks

Social worker

Natalia Kravchenko

Business partners coordinator

Alexey Kotin


Konstantin Fomichev

Driver of Night Bus

Alexey Fomenko

Driver of the Night Bus

Lev Yakovlev

Cultural Launderette administrator

Polina Borisova

Neravnodush administrator

Tatyana Romanko

Social worker

Marina Guzenko

Social woker

Elena Fofanova

Social woker

Vladimir Vyazemcev

Driver of the Night bus

Sergey Antonov

Attendant of the Counselling Service

Elizaveta Aleksandrova

Alcohol addiction specialist

Andrey Chekrygin

Social worker

Vyacheslav Minin

Coordinator of the Halfway home project

Ekaterina Ulisova

Project coordinator

Nina Abrosimova

Project Coordinator

Liza Savchenko

Social worker

Elena Ursova

Financial Manager

Alexey Platonov

Attendant of the Shelter

Ekaterina Oshkalo

Project Coordinator

Alla Chunihina

Social worker

Ezhi Alimova

Social worker

Mikhail Bakradze

Supply manager

Vasilisa Moleva

Coordinator of our volunteers

Anna Malinina

Coordinator of Heating center

Victoria Ursova

Head of Advisory Services

Ekaterina Bulgakova

Project coordinator

Ksenia Solodova

Project coordinator

Ksenia Berestova

Counselling Service Administrator

Yelena Bonshtedt

Project coordinator

Sergey Prepodobniy

Сhief attendant of the Shelter

Elena Eva


Natalia Guseva


Most of the staff are former volunteers

Everyone can become a volunteer and employee. Importantly, the desire to help