Handout Point

Free clothes, shoes and toiletries


About the Handout point

To survive the winter – you need warm clothes, to get an interview – you need a shirt and a razor. Therefore, Nochlezhka has a Handout Point where anyone in need can get clothes, shoes, hygiene items. We issue them in a separate heated room in the yard of Nochlezhka on Borovaya 112B. Every weekday, except Thursday, from 12:00 to 14:00, volunteers in turn give out things to people in need.

Every working day, 50-70 people come to the Handout Point for humanitarian aid. Organizing the issuance process is a big job that our volunteers take on. They sort and hang clothes by type and size, lay out hygiene items that the townspeople donate to Nochlezhka. They also record in the Nochlezhka database information about when a particular person received what item: we keep such records in order to fairly distribute free things among people in need.

Since 2017, more than 30 volunteers have been organizing the work of our Handout Point. The guys give out things, keep order and what is missing for delivery, sort clothes, organize the removal of things from the "Spasibo" and even draw up a schedule for volunteers to go on shifts.


We are grateful to all volunteers who come out every day! Due to the well-coordinated work of our team of assistants, homeless people get the essentials they need, and the employees of the Nochlezhka’s Counselling service office have more time and chances to help those in need to solve their complex social and legal issues. We would like to thank the Charity foundation “Spasibo", which regularly donates Nochlezhka clothes and shoes that our visitors need.

Operation costs of the Handout point

One day

8 664 rubles

One month

178 335 rubles

One year

2 140 017 rubles

Project statistics in 2022

In 2022 at the Handout point handed out

22 149 clothing sets

In 2022 project assistance received

1357 people

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