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In October Nochlezhka fed 1,445 people


The results of the rehabilitation shelter at 112B, Borovaya str.

In October our rehabilitation shelter accommodated 69 people, who received full support fr om the social workers, lawyers and psychologists of our charity. The shelter has a capacity of 52 beds and is the largest centre for the homeless in the city.


The Results of the Counselling service

Nochlezhka’s social works and lawyers accept visitors four days a week, seeing approximately 50-70 people on a daily basis.

In October social workers consulted 662 people.

Our lawyers gave legal advice to 32 people and provided legal services (including the cases where the matter was taken to court) to 23 people.

Food sets were given to 779 people, toiletries to 501 people.

Clothes were given to 695 people.

We helped 32 people find a job (including those with provided accommodation).

Assistance in having a Russian passport re-issued (including cases which went to court) – 16 people.

Assistance in getting an international passport – 2 people.

Assistance in getting a copy of their birth certificate – 1 person.

Assistance in getting or retrieving an individual taxpayer’s number and their employment records – 1 person.

Assistance in finding relatives – 1 person.

Assistance in challenging a fraudulent real estate transaction – 1 person.

Assistance in getting housing – 1 person.

Assistance in verifying/restoring citizenship – 2 people.

Temporary registration at Nochlezhka’s address – 11 people.

Assistance in returning home to a different city (in collaboration the Maltese Aid Service included) – 5 people.

Assistance in registering as a disabled person and joining a waiting list for a care home (in collaboration the Maltese Aid Service included) – 1 person.

Accepted at a care home for the elderly or disabled – 1 person.

Assistance in obtaining a mandatory medical insurance policy – 6 people.

Assistance in applying for a treatment and/or being accepted at a hospital – 8 people.

Assistance in getting technical aids for rehabilitation – 3 people.

Assistance in retrieving army records – 1 person.

Accepted to rehabilitation centres for alcohol and drug addicts – 1 person.


Results of the Night Bus

The Night Bus sets off every week day in the evening, all year round. It makes four stops wh ere in one evening Nochlezhka’s volunteers feed 150-200 people.

Over the month of October 597 people used its services with varying regularity, our volunteers gave out 3,646 hot meals.


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