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“Nochlezhka” will teach colleagues to restore a passport for homeless


November 20, 2014, 11.00-13.00

A training “The internal passport of Russia: restoration, complicated cases”

Ligovsky pr.,73,  business center “Ligovka”, 314 office

Registration for the training: Aleksey Varsopko,  +7 911 223 28 30,

On Thursday, November, 20, “Nochlezhka” is holding a training
“The internal passport of Russia: restoration, complicated cases”. The listeners are going to be social workers of nonprofit organizations and public institutions, which help homeless and citizens without registration.


Presenters of the training are the workers of “Nochlezhka” a lawyer Ekaterina Dikovskaya and a social work specialist Olga Alfyorova.


The training includes two parts: in the theoretical part the presenters will tell their colleagues about the legal framework and in the practical part the examples of the Advisory Service’s real work will be analyzed.

The participants of the training will be able to propose for analysis cases from their own practice.

The experts of “Nochlezhka” will provide alternatives for their resolution,   guidance for further actions and necessary contacts. You may also send Aleksey Varsopko ( cases for the analysis beforehand.


The participants of the training will get work manuals: “Assistance for homeless and citizens without registration: experience of  SpbPCO (St.Petersburg Public Charity Organization) “Nochlezhka” and updated edition of the manual “What if you have no registration. Background information for those who encountered difficulties because of absence of registration”.


“Unfortunately it’s difficult and expensive to restore missing documents in our country. Many documents are often connected with the place of one’s registration, which homeless people don’t have. Sometimes impossibility of restoring a passport and other documents is troublesome for a person and it makes him to reside in the street. And in the street a homeless person loses his documents very quickly: he just has a place to keep  neither his belongings nor documents,  ” Olga Alfyorova, a social work specialist of SpbPCO “Nochlezhka” tells.


On the 18 of December “Nochlezhka” is holding a training devoted to the procedure of restoring Russian citizenship  and recognizing him as a citizen of Russia.

All the trainings are held in the program “Specialized resource methodical centre for socially oriented
nonprofit organization
s to protect the rights and complex assistance for socially excepted groups of population, such as homeless and citizens without registration ” which is  realized by SpbPCO “Nochlezhka”, funded by The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, informational support provided by interregional Network “For overcoming social exclusion ” and Network “If you have no home”.

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