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Nochlezhka’s Experts Hold a Seminar in Vyborg


Experts working for the Nochlezhka charity will organise a seminar in Vyborg for local social workers from state institutions. It will be dedicated to restoring papers for Russian nationals.

The seminar will take place on 26 October at the Centre for Social Services in Vyborg.

Nochlezhka’s social workers Roman Shirshov and Pavel Lyaks will share their experience in restoring papers for the homeless.

‘We have been invited to Vyborg to hold this seminar by social workers from Vyborg, who came to our workshops in St. Petersburg. They found those workshops so useful that they asked our experts to come to their city so that all social workers in Vyborg could learn about Nochlezhka’s experience’, says Alexey Varsopko, the coordinator of Nochlezhka’s project for sharing expertise.

Restoring papers for the homeless is a complicated issue. ‘Unfortunately, restoring papers in our country is not an easy task and it costs a lot.

Documents are often linked to a particular address, one’s registration, which obviously presents a problem for the homeless. Being unable to restore their ID and other papers, homeless people find themselves in a dead end and are unable to get off the streets. Plus, homeless people lose their papers easily, since they simply have nowhere to store their belongings’, says Roman Shirshov, Nochlezhka’s social worker.

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