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Petersburg poets will help for homeless people


December 20, 2013, Friday, 6 pm

Nevsky Prospekt 66, “Writers' Bookstore” (“Knizhnaya Lavka Pisateley”)

“Nochlezhka” souvenirs and merchandise presentation.

Guest star – Andrey Urgant

Admission free

On December 20, 2013, the charitable organization “Nochlezhka” will hold a presentation of its souvenirs and merchandise in “Knizhnaya Lavka Pisateley” bookstore. All the money made from selling the bags, t-shirts and magnets will be used to help the homeless. The new series of the merchandise was inspired by poetry of Daniil Kharms, Nikolay Oleinikov and Alexander Vvedensky. During their lifetime, these poets suffered from political repressions and public rejection.

On each souvenir there is a quote from one of their poems and an illustration to it. If one collects all the items, one gets a great opportunity to refresh one's memory of those verses.

At the presentation, Andrey Urgant, an Honored Artist of Russia, will recite the poems of the named authors and their fellow Oberiu (the Association for Real Art, existed in 1920s-1930s) members.

“We thought about creating some beautiful and stylish merchandise for a long time. All the money raised by selling this merchandise will be used to fund our homeless shelter. We decided to use the quotes from Russian avant-garde poetry, because we love it and because, as it seems to us, this poetry is one of the symbols of St Petersburg. These verses are a symbol of the hard times our country went through in the 20s-30s and, at the same time, of the new art, the new, fresh and exact wordings, of the excellent sense of humor”, - says Grigory Sverdlin, the director of “Nochlezhka”.

“Knizhnaya Lavka Pisateley” is a bookstore and a club which belongs to writers' organization named Russian Literature Foundation. This organization has an 80 years old tradition of taking part in different charity and pulic events, and that's why “Knizhnaya Lavka Pisateley” supports “Nochlezhka”'s event.

“I'm glad that we start our coworking with “Nochlezhka” with a presentation of souvenirs, closely related to poetry. I think, that our coworking will be fruitful and long. Together with “Nochlezhka” we help our fellow citizens, who lost their homes, and also return the poems of Kharms, Oleinikov and Vvedensky to our lives. It is really great”, - said the director of “Knizhnaya Lavka Pisateley” Oleg Smakotin.

The merchandise for “Nochlezhka” were designed by “Minin I Pozharsky” studio. “We are glad to help “Nochlezhka”, understand the importance of the project and like those poets too. Our work is the best support we could offer as professionals”, - said designers Alexander Ishukov and Maxim Minin.

Since December 20, one will be able to buy the merchandise at the online store on Nochlezhka website, and also in “Knizhnaya Lavka Pisateley”, in “Poryadok Slov” bookstore, in “Knigi I Kofe” art-cafe, in a charity shop “Spasibo”, and in other places (the full list will be published on our website).

All the raised money will go to the biggest homeless shelter in the city at Borovaya 112B.

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