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To help those who help: Nochlezhka shares experience


The charitable organization “Nochlezhka”, the oldest Russian non-governmental organization working with the homeless, published a collection of articles about its work in the fields of legal help and humanitarian aid. This book summerizes “Nochlezhka”’s many years experience in humanitarian activities.

The book consists of several methodological guides written and compilled by “Nochlezhka”’s specialists. It describes the main fields of “Nochlezhka”’s work and is meant for the similar charity organizations, so they may use this information in their consulting work:

  • How to recover a lost passport. How to get a Russian passport, if you have an old USSR passport.
  • Medical aid for the homeless and the compulsive medical insurance.
  • How to qualify for retirement pension. Time in employment. INNLA (Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account)
  • What one should know about getting employed.
  • Contract of social rent: how to get lodging.
  • Legal aspects of sending kids with no registration at place of residence to schools and kindergartens.
  • “Night Bus” – a mobile food station and social care service.
  • Warming shelters for the homeless in the cold time of the year.
  • Project “Tranzit”: help for the foreigners, who found themselves in a difficult situation in St Petersburg, and have to return to their home regions.
  • “Nochlezhka” and public space. The organization’s PR service’s experience.

“The aim of these book is to provide support for other organizations which work with the homeless and with people who have no registration at place of residence. Information and recommendations from the book will be useful for the beginners and will help them to avoid mistakes and to rise effectiveness of their work”, – said Alexey Varsopko, the coordinator of this experince share programm.

The book is published in 100 copies. They will be distributed among St Petersburg charitable organizations and may be sent to other regions by request. To make a purchase one has to write Alexey Varsopko - . Also all the articles can be downloaded from “Nochlezhka”’s website.

Working on this edition, we kept the recommendations of the experts from other non-governmental organizations in mind.

We plan to write new manuals on helping the homeless and to rearrange and update the already existing materials.

The book was published as a part of the “Special Resourse Methodological Center for the Social Work Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations Which Provide Legal and Complex Help to the Socially Excluded Social Groups, Such as the Homeless and the Non-Registered Citizens” programm, which is being performed by “Nochlezhka” with the financial support of the Economical Development Ministry of Russia and informational support of the trans-regional network “To Overcome Social Exclusion”.

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