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The seventh Espress-Aid campaign raised 214,324 roubles for Nochlezhka


The seventh edition of the Espress-Aid campaign raised 214,324 roubles for Nochlezhka. This is the amount received fr om the establishments wh ere on 26 November people could have a coffee knowing that all the revenues would be donated to Nochlezhka. This also includes the money raised by the lecture hall on inspiration, travelling and self-discovery and through individual consultations given by experts in various fields. This is a new record for the Espress-Aid project.

On the day of the campaign, one could have a coffee to support Nochlezhka in 81 places, including cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs and even coffee machines. The seventh edition of the campaign went beyond the centre of St. Petersburg and also covered Kronstadt, Sestroretsk, Repino and a few residential districts of the city. The raised amount will cover four months of rehabilitation at Nochlezhka’s shelter for five people. This is on average how long it takes a homeless person to get off the street with the help of social workers, lawyers and Nochlezhka’s therapists. Depending on each particular case, Nochlezhka’s employees help the person get their papers re-issued, find a job, a place to rent, search for relatives and, perhaps, return to their hometown, register for social benefits, register as disabled, get accepted to a care home, challenge a fraudulent transaction in court etc...

‘Coffee warms people up, so why not share this warmth with those who need it most? We were happy to take part in this charity event. We would like to sincerely thank Nochlezhka for the opportunity provided to our clients to demonstrate their best qualities and support people who have found themselves in a tough situation’, said a representative of the Coffemolka chain of coffee vending machines. This company raised the largest amount during this campaign, as much as 35,000 roubles.

‘We would like to thank all our partners, their clients, lecturers and members of the audience who managed to raise such a large amount to support our charity! We are delighted to see that our good deeds multiply and each new campaign involves more and more participants in St. Petersburg’, says Anastasia Sadovnikova, the coordinator of Nochlezhka’s Espress-Help project.

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