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The results achieved by Counseling service and the Shelter in October


350 people were given social advice.
29 people were given legal advice.
64 people have lived in The Shelter for a month.
114 people received food and basic personal hygiene items.
209 people received clothing.
6 people were employed (with accommodation).
9 people were helped to get passport of Russia (including cases in court).
4 people were helped to get temporary registration at the address of “Nochlezhka”.
3 people were helped to get compulsory health insurance policy.
10 people were helped to get necessary treatment or/and admission for treatment.
3 people were helped to get pension.
2 people were helped to prepare disability documents and register in the residential home (with the help of Maltese Assistance Services).
1 person was accommodated in the residential home for the elderly and disabled.
8 people were given legal support (including 3 people- in the court).
The results of the Night Bus work

The volunteers of “The Night Bus” distributed 2145 portions of hot soup in October, 415 people got the help of this project .

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