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In July Nochlezhka social workers and lawers helped 266 people


Results achieved by Councelling Service in July 2014

266 people received social consultations; 
19 people received legal consultations; 
63 people lived in the shelter; 
270 people received food packages and hygiene products. 
164 people received clothes. 
people acquired jobs, including jobs with provided living spaces. 
12 people received help in restoring Russian Federation passports, including legal help in courts. 
2 people received help in getting temporary residential registration in Nochlezhka. 
2 people received help in getting the state medical insurance. 
1 people received help in looking for and finding places to live or being put on the waiting list for people in need of residence. 
3 people received medical treatment or help in getting in-patient hospital treatment. 
1 person received help in getting pension payments. 
3 people received help in finding relatives. 
2 person received help in getting their disability documented and being put on the list for a place in a residence facility (jointly with the Maltese Help Service). 
3 people received help in being admitted to the House of Night Residence. 
2 people received help in getting/restoring their social security number, employment records etc. 
7 people received legal help, including 3 person who was helped in a court case.

News of the Night Bus in July 2014

In July Nochlezhka volunteers gave out 3468 servings of hot supper. The project helped 568 people. 

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