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Nochlezhka launches a programme of supporting NGOs that help homeless people


Grigory Sverdlin, the director of Nochlezhka: ‘With each year the number of organisations and volunteer networks that are ready to help homeless people grows all over Russia. Nochlezhka regularly receives letters with questions about the way particular programmes were organised, how we work with homeless people, with volunteers, representatives of the authorities and where we find partners.

The resource methodological centre is designed to solve two problems: sharing the knowledge accumulated by the specialists of Nochlezhka and looking for the most efficient mechanism of helping the homeless and eradicating homelessness together’.

The programme includes consolidation and distribution of methodological recommendations based on the experience of the specialists of Nochlezhka, collection and spreading of positive experience of other organisations providing assistance to homeless people and citizens without registration, development of the system of consulting organisations in the field of right protection and providing charitable, humanitarian, social and legal, rehabilitating and consulting assistance to the homeless and people without registration.

The first publication of the Resource methodological centre is dedicated to the joint programme of the Committee on social policy of the Administration of St. Petersburg, the Malteser International in St. Petersburg and Nochlezhka designed to help people who have found themselves in a difficult situation in St. Petersburg and sending them to their place of residence in a different region.

The personnel of the centre will regularly monitor the media, issue analytical materials and inform colleagues about changes in the legislation in the field.

It is planned to issue a collection of methodological recommendations. 
Anyone can subscribe for a regular newsletter with information on the work of the Centre. 

All publications of the Centre will be available at the Nochlezhka website and the website of the Interregional Network ‘Forovercoming social exclusion’. 

The coordinator of the programmes: Alexey Varsopko 

The realisation of the programme is financially supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. 
With the informational support of the Interregional Network ‘For overcoming social exclusion’.

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