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"Nochlezhka" gathered 120 050 rubles for PianoFest


"Nochlezhka" gathered 120 050 rubles at its piano festival, PianoFest, which was held on 5 July on the roof of the plant, "Pekar" on the 11th Krasnoarmeiskaya.

In favor of "Nochlezhka" St. Petersburg musicians Natalia Uchitel, Alexey Orlovich, Gleb Kolyadin and Polina Fradkin performed with classic and contemporary works for free.

Volunteers collected donations for entrance to the festival, and "Nochlezhka’s" friends like” Love & Peas”,” Coffee with meaning”,” Heavenly cupcakes” and” Just” bar sold food and drinks in favor of a charitable organization.

"The collected money will be enough for "Nochlezhka" to help 16 people to get from the streets – to solve problems with the documents, work, medical treatment, finding relatives, geting home. This is a very good result for our first piano festival on the roof. In this format, we not only raise money for our projects, but also speak about the problem of homelessness to the entirely new audience," says Anastasia Sadovnikova, project coordinator of the charitable organization "Nochlezhka".

"Nochlezhka" thanks pianists for performances, RoofMusicFest and Veronica Petrovskaya for their help in organizing the festival, No Silence Studio and Alexander Kudryavtsev for the provided equipment.

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