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On 14 October Nochlezhka will hold an international conference on helping homeless people


On Friday, 14 October, Nochlezhka will hold a conference titled ‘Helping Homeless People: approaches, practice, experience’. Practising specialists in the field will share their methods of providing assistance to homeless people and people from the vulnerable groups of the population.

The experts of the conference will include:

Grigory Sverdlin, Director of Nochlezhka (St. Petersburg),

Jakub Wilczek, President of the Polish Federation of Homelessness Control,

Vlada Petrovskaya, an employee of the NGO Vailla vakinaista asuntoary (‘Of no fixed abode’, Finland)

Nikolai Ekimov, Diakonia charity (St. Petersburg)

Polina Mazunina, Centre of Social Adaptation (Perm’),

Marina Perminova and Nadezhda Klyuyeva, Caritas Help Service for the Homeless at the Archdiocese of Holy Mother (Moscow)

Veronika Bagrova, ‘Pokrovskaya obschina’ (St. Petersburg)

Ilia Pilyugin and Yevgenia Velichkina, the ‘Centre for Protection of Mothers and Children “Guardian Angel” ‘(Voronezh)

Radik Galiyakhmetov, ‘Caritas St. Petersburg’

Elena Bolyubakh, ‘Non-discriminatory Gender Relations Institute. Emergency centre for women’ (St. Petersburg).

Full programme of the conference and summaries of the speeches

‘The talks delivered at our conference should show the problem of homelessness in its complexity; they should span the wide range of difficult situations which may lead to people losing their homes and finding themselves on the streets. And, naturally, the speeches will also cover the most promising, effective and efficient ways of preventing homelessness and helping people overcome this problem. The very format of the conference is meant to highlight how important it is to find solutions for this problem; we wanted to draw attention of experts, officials and the general public to this specific issue’, says Alexey Varsopko, the coordinator of the project on sharing Nochlezhka’s expertise.

The audience at the conference will consist of employees of governmental social institutions, NGOs and representatives of businesses interested in providing regular corporate aid to homeless people.

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