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October 2017: who did Nochlezhka help and how?


Night Bus

The Night Bus sets off every weekday in the evening, all year round. It makes four stops where Nochlezhka’s volunteers feed 150-200 people per evening.

In October 557 people used its services with varying regularity, our volunteers gave out 3,055 hot meals.

Heated Tent

The heated tent on Vasilievsky Island can accommodated anyone, no papers are needed. Everyone staying overnight gets a hot dinner and a hot breakfast.

Nochlezhka opened the first heated tent this year on 1 October. In one month 132 people used the tent, spending a total of 619 nights there. On average, there were 20 people there every night with a maximum of 29 people.

Cultural Launderette

In October 824 people used our free launderette for the homeless to wash and dry their clothes. This project is run with the help of, a chain of self-service launderettes.

Counselling Service

Nochlezhka’s social workers and lawyers see people four days a week, 40-60 people every day.

In October our social workers consulted 444 people (on issues of employment, restoring papers and pensions). 688 people were consulted over the phone.

Our provided legal assistance in court to 4 people.

3 people got employed (including jobs with accommodation provided).

We helped 9 people restore their Russian passport (including cases which went to court), 3 people – to prove their citizenship and 2 people – to prove their identity.

18 people were temporarily registered at Nochlezhka’s address.

We helped 6 people receive or restore their personal pension account number, individual taxpayer’s number, employment records, army records and birth certificate.

We helped 2 people return to their hometown (together with the Maltese Aid Service).

We helped 1 person get professional training.

We got 2 people admitted to a state-run shelter.

We helped 1 person register as disabled  (together with the Maltese Aid Service).

We helped 2 people to obtain a mandatory medical insurance policy.

We helped 10 people get medical treatment and/or get admitted to a hospital.

We provided 33 people with metro tickets and passes for attending job interviews, state social and medical institutions. We covered the fees for state and notarial services for 8 people.


In October 39 people got HIV-tested at our counselling service. Nochlezhka’s worker is currently helping 12 people get the necessary treatment.

Rehabilitation shelter at 112B, Borovaya Street

In September the rehabilitation shelter at 112B, Borovaya Street accommodated 60 people. Every single one of them gets individual support from our social workers, lawyers and therapists.

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