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New Year’s presents to all homeless people


21 November - 22 December 2013

Donate a New Year’s present for a homeless person

Campaign coordinators:

Irina Artamanova, + 7 911 961 86 76

Yulia Rasova 

To bring presents to collection points one does not have to give us a call, just choose the goods that you want and can buy. You can call Irina to ask urgent questions or you can write to the coordinators on Vkontakte with any inquiries on the campaign.


Yet again Nochlezhka ran its annual campaign on collecting presents for homeless people. The campaign ran from 21 November to 22 December 2013. Every set of presents included a set of fruit, sweets, canned food and personal hygiene products.


Every year people bring more and more presents which make homeless people so happy. Last year we had over 600, which is 1.5 times as much as we had expected. Nochlezhka was visited by school children who collected presents in their class, elderly people who were willing to spend a part of their rather modest retirement benefit on buying food for the homeless, businessmen and ordinary people. We are hoping that this year people of St Petersburg will share the festivities with people who have nowhere to live. Very little is needed’, – says Vlada Gasnikova, coordinator of Nochlezhka’s New Year campaign.


With the help of our business partners we have established collection points at other addresses apart from our shelter:


- Spasibo! charity shop at 50/79, Gorokhovaya str. – from 12 till 21 daily;

- Спасибо! charity shop at 23, Kovensky alley – from 12 till 21 daily;

Tramontana mountaneering and hiking gear shop at 24, Bronnitskaya str. – from 11 till 21 daily;

- Nochlezhka at 112 B, Borovaya str – from 10 till 22 daily


The presents will be transferred for further sorting by the Finmar logistics company.

By New Year all goods will be sorted and packed into gift sets and volunteers will give them out at Night Bus stops, heating stations and Counselling Service.

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