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The employees of Nochlezhka visited Finland and Denmark in the context of exchange program.


On 17-24 of August 2014 the employees of " Nochlezhka " Saint-Petersburg homelessness organisation visited Helsinki and Copenhagen in the context of " Experience exchange program and development of a cooperation project between St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Copenhagen relating to the provision of social, legal, and humanitarian assistance to the homeless and studying the problems of the homelessness in the said regions" with financial help of Nordic Council of Ministers.

There were six employees of "Doss-house" participated the trip. They are fundraiser Victoria Ryzhkova, lawyer Igor Karlinsky, specialists social work Elena Kondrakhina, Olga Alferova, Antonina Nevskaja and coordinator of project Ivetta Sergeeva.

In Helsinki the S.-Petersburg delegation was met non-governmental organisation "Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry" ("No fixed Adobe") which has helped Finland homeless since 1986. In Copenhagen the guests were met the organization "Udenfor" ("Outside"), which has worked since 1997. In both cities were organized workshops for "Nochlezhka" employees, also there were the presentations of main projects of organisations, meetings with delegates of non-state and state foundings, acquaintance with city infrastructure of homeless help. Among the themes, which brought about hot discussion were medical care for homeless, work with chemical dependent people, help for homeless women with children, prevention of professional burning out the employees, etc.

The question of fundraising drew special attention. Foreign colleagues told the "Nochlezhka" employees about specific of fundraising in their countries and shared their ideas in sphere to attract public attention to the homelessness problem. Besides the program participants discussed future cooperation and development in the relationship between organizations.

"This trip is very important for us and we are very grateful to Nordic Council of Ministers for this opportunity. We returned back to Russia full of inspiration, energy and new ideas. We were glad to share our experience with the colleagues and learn how things are managed there. We do want to continue cooperation, because constant exchange of experience and ideas helps us to grow and be innovative"- says Ivetta Sergeeva, project coordinator.
Foreign colleagues intend to work out detailed plan for further joint projects and acquaintance with helping system for homeless for return visit to S.-Petersburg, which is planned at the beginning of October.

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