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NochlezhkaFest raises 720,584 roubles


The 4th NochlezhkaFest raised 720,584 roubles for Nochlezhka: it includes proceeds from ticket sales (we sold a total of 645 tickets), the money from the collection boxes at the event and proceeds from the photo booth. In addition, the volunteers raised 15,150 rubles, selling original Nochlezhka merchandise.

The raised money is enough to cover accommodation at Nochlezhka’s shelter and counselling services for 16 homeless people. On average, a homeless person stays at our shelter for about 4 months, which costs the organization 45,450 roubles.

When a homeless person comes to Nochlezhka’s Shelter to stay, they get more than just a place to sleep in decent conditions – they get full support from social workers, lawyers and therapists. Depending on the case, Nochlezhka’s specialists help our clients to have their papers re-issued, get a job, find a place to rent, find relatives and return home, become registered for disability or retirement benefits, get registered as disabled, find a place at a care home, contest a fraudulent transaction at court or get access to social housing. In 2015, 233 people received help at our shelter and with our support, most of them have returned to more stable lives.

On September 27 NochlezhkaFest at the Cosmonaut Music Club brought together such well-known musicians and bands as Boris Grebenshikov and Aquarium, SBP4, Markscheider Kunst, Polusa and Jenia Lubich. All of them performed for free, not asking for any remuneration. The venue was also let to us free of charge, and artists from the Dari Dobro Association decorated it for free.

‘We are very grateful to all the people who made NochlezhkaFest possible: the musicians, the Cosmonaut Club administration and its staff, the artists, the sponsors, the volunteers and, of course, the audience. Together we’ve managed to organise a fantastic, professional level festival which raised so much money for the homeless. Thank you, everyone!’ said Grigory Sverdlin, the director of Nochlezhka.

The 4th Nochlezhkafest was sponsored by the Institute Stroyproekt engineering group, DomaVkusnee food delivery service, Friends chain of hotels and hostels and the Adamant holding company.

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