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Nochlezhka to hold an international conference on homelessness


On 2–3 November Nochlezhka will hold an annual international conference titled ‘Homelessness as a complex issue’. It will bring together experts from charities and state institutions which help homeless people.

Among those participating at the conference are St.Petersburg-based organisations – Nochlezhka, the Caritas information and consultation centre, the Diakonia foundation, the ‘Dom nadezdy na gore’ rehabilitation centre, the ‘Altruist’ charity for the homeless, the Centre for Social Services of Vasilievsky district; Moscow-based Centre for Social Adaptation n.a. Elizaveta Glinka and SAMU Social. A representative from the Centre for Protection of Motherhool and Childhood Angel-Hranitel [Guardian Angel] from Voronezh and from the Sila Lyudey [Power of People] non-profit organisation from Kaliningrad will also come over.

Experts from the Finnish non-profit organisation Vailla vakinaista asuntoary [With no fixed abode], Dutch De Regenboog Groep and Lithuanian Caritas Vilnius will also share their experience. Nochlezhka’s conference is the largest professional event in Russia dedicated to homelessness.

The programme of the conference on homelessness

Professionals will share their experience in efficient assistance to homeless people and discuss the most relevant issues of their field. How to help a person with mental issues? How to start helping a person with an addiction? How to defend the rights of victims of real estate fraud? What role does working with a psychologist play in supporting a homeless person? How to best organise rehabilitation for the homeless?

‘At our conference our colleagues will be able to learn about the best practices of helping the homeless. Homelessness is a complex issue with multiple aspects. Therefore, it is important that it should be discussed by experts from various fields. The format of the conference allows to take a distance when looking at the problem and work together to find new efficient methods of rehabilitation for homeless people’, says Grigory Sverdlin, the president of the charity.

Nochlezhka is organising the conference with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and the General Consulate of the Netherlands in St. Petersburg.

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