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Nochlezhka invites businesses to donate their New Year budgets


Nochlezhka is inviting businesses to donate the money they have planned to spend on New Year presents for their partners to support the homeless. The charity has named this project NochlezhkaGifts.

30,000 roubles makes hot meals for 416 people at the Night Bus stops.

50,000 roubles provides a warm and safe place to sleep for 199 people in Nochlezhka’s heated tents. 100,000 roubles is enough to accommodate 397 people in Nochlezhka’s heated tents.

200,000 roubles helps four people get back to normal lives through a rehabilitation programme at Nochlezhka’s shelter.

In return, we will make electronic or paper cards for the company’s partners where we will tell them about your kind donation and about how many homeless people enjoyed this New Year’s present. We will also send you an official thank you letter in which we will tell you how many people in need you have helped.

Have a look at our detailed presentation of the NochlezhkaGifts campaign

‘We invite businesses to give up on the idea of the usual souvenirs for their partners and instead give them a good deed as a present which will make a difference in the coming year. This good deed is helping the homeless who will get hot meals from Nochlezhka, get somewhere warm to sleep and, most importantly, get a chance to get away from the streets. Over 50% of the people who have lived in our shelter have come back to stable lives. We think that giving this chance to someone who has found themselves on the street is a lot more precious than the usual pack of diaries, a box of champagne or Christmas tree decorations’, says Grigory Sverdlin, the president of the charity.

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