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Nochlezhka has published a leaflet for homeless people


Nochlezhka has made a leaflet with the most relevant information for homeless people. The leaflet lists the places where a person in need can eat for free, spend a night, have a shower and get social and legal help. One particularly important point is the addresses of Nochlezhka’s heated tents which we are opening tonight at 20, Akademik Lebedev Street and 8, 9th January Prospect.

Printed leaflets are handed out at the Counselling service of Nochlezhka at 112B, Borovaya str. and at the stops of the Night Bus.

We are asking people living in St. Petersburg to help us distribute this leaflet around homeless people: all it takes is to download the leaflet at Nochlezhka’s website, print it out and carry it around in case you meet a homeless person on the streets of St. Petersburg.

‘Homeless people suffer most from the lack of information about their rights and services that can improve their living standards. So even giving a homeless person a leaflet with this useful information is already a great way to help: it costs you nothing but can significantly change the life of a person in need who will then be able to seek help from social workers’, says Grigory Sverdlin, Nochlezhka’s director.

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