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Nochlezhka puts up a heated tent for the homeless


Nochlezhka has put up a heated tent for the homeless behind the Galernaya harbour on Vasilievsky Island (the nearest metro station is Primorskaya). The tent will accommodate people every day between 8 p.m. and until 8 a.m. until 31 March.

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Nochlezhka’s heated tent can accommodate up to 50 people and anyone can spend a night here, safe and warm, and have dinner and breakfast.

The tent on Vasilievsky Island is funded by the municipal budget, as part of the ‘Your Budget 2016’ project. This project involves commissions made up of proactive local people which decide themselves how to spend a part of the budget of the city. Putting up a heated tent on Vasilievsky Island was suggested as a project by a journalist, Daniil Alexandrov.

‘Thanks to the efforts of a few compassionate local people we have managed to open a heated tent as early as 1 October, for the first time ever. Unfortunately, each time we want to set up a heated tent we have to go through a lot of negotiations with the authorities which may last for a few months. And yet safe shelters for the homeless to sleep are urgently needed, each district of the city should have at least one place where anyone can spend a night during the cold season without having to show any papers or certificates’, says Andrey Chapaev, who coordinates humanitarian projects at Nochlezhka.

During this winter season Nochlezhka will open two more heated tents for the homeless: on 1 and 2 November, in Kalininsky and Frunzensky districts. The first one will be set up near 10, Mineralnaya street, the other at 8, 9th January avenue. Nochlezhka will run the first tent together with the district administration and the second one – with the local Centre for Social services. The cost of running both tents will be partly covered by the Committee for Social Policy, partly by donations from people and businesses supporting Nochlezhka.

In the winter of 2016-2017 Nochlezhka set up two heated tents: the one in Frunzensky district was open between 1 November and up until 31 March while the one in Kalininsky district was kept open until 21 April. The two tents accommodated 721 people who spent a total of 8536 nights there. This shows the level of demand for such accessible projects among homeless people.

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