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Nochlezhka issues a Reference Book for the Homeless


Nochlezhka has issued the 15th edition of the Reference Book for the homeless. It is an annually updated collection of the most relevant and up-to-date information for surviving on the streets and returning to a normal life.

The questions covered in our reference book:
- Places to eat and sleep for free in St. Petersburg
- NGOs and state institutions which help homeless people
- Places to get a free or a cheap haircut and a shower
- Places to wash one’s clothes and get some new ones
- Getting medical help - Getting free legal advice
- Applying for social benefits - Restoring papers or looking for a job
- Free exhibitions, museums and lectures
- Talking to the police when one has no registered address, what rights one has and how to defend them.

‘Most Russians know nothing about their rights and have no idea where to go for the most important social and legal issues. Homeless people are in a worse position in this respect: not only do they no know what they are entitled to and where they can find help to survive and return to normal life, but they also have no access to such information. Our Reference Book is designed to fill this gap’, says Natalia Shavlokhova, the head of the social service at Nochlezhka.

800 printed copies of the book will be distributed by Nochlezhka’s employees and volunteers among homeless people who come to the Counselling Service or to Night Bus stops and Heated Tents.

Read the Reference Book for the Homeless-2017

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