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Homeless will receive a canned stewed meat and mandarins for New Year


Today Nochlezhka runs out the annual New Year’s event «a canned stewed meat and a mandarin» for homeless. Event will take place from 5th till 28th of December 2012. Presents consist of fruit, sweets, jarred food and personal-care products.

This is 5th event of present collection organized by Nochlezhka. Last year we collected more than 400 presents to the joy of homeless. To Nochlezhka came schoolboys who prepared presents, elders who despite their small income bought some presents for homeless, businessmen and common people. We hope that citizen will present a holiday for people who lost home. «All one has to do a very little more», - says Victoria Ryzhkova, a coordinator of Nochlezhka project.

Thanks to support of business, this year presents were received not only at Nochlezhka place, but at the following addresses also:

- charitable second-hand «Spasibo» at 22, 9 Sovetskaya Str., 50/79 Gorohkovaya Str. every day from 12 p.m till 8 p.m.

- café, co-working and mini-hotel at 57 Marata Str. everyday from 11 p.m till 10 p.m.

- Nochlezhka at 112B Borovaya str. (entrance from Rasstannaya Str.) everyday from 10 a.m till 10 p.m.

Logistic company Finmar is to bring presents.

Food stuff is to be packed as presents, volunteers to deal them out before New Year on Nochlezhka during staging posts, at warming place, during consultation at Advice service.

Necessary things:

- 35 boxes of lump sugar

- 35 boxes of stacked tea

- candies- chocolate and hard candies- without limitation

- 350 packings of cookies such as Yubilejnoe

- 350 packs of instant mashed potato

- 350 cans of stewed meat

- 350 cans of fish

- 350 tubes of toothpaste

- 350 bars of toilet soap

- 350 pairs of socks (size 39-43)

- 350 winter hats

- 350 pairs of gloves

- 350 scarves

- 350 tubes of baby cream

- 350 once-use razors

- 350-370 New Year big bags

- 5 rolls of 100 bags

- lasting fruit – apples and small mandarins

Once a week information on collected presents, deficient products and stuff will be published and changed on site and Nochlezhka`s social networks.

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