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Nochlezhka ran a support program of non-commercial organization which helps homeless people


Director of Saint Petersburg's Charitable Nonprofit Organization "Nochlezhka" Grygory Sverdlin says: From year to year the number of funds or volunteer associations which eager to help homeless people increases throughout Russia. We often receive letters with questions about how this or that program was created, how do we work with homeless people, volunteers and authorities or where do we find our partners. The resource methodic centre is called to solve two tasks: passing on the torch cumulated by "Nochlezhka's" specialists and searching in common the most effective mechanisms of rendering help for street people and of homelesness's problem solving».

Plans of a program include generelazation and dissemination
of methodological recommendations based on the experience of Nochlezhka specialists, collection and broadcasting of others organizations good professional practice, which help homeless people and citizens without
registration, development of the system of consulting support of organizations activity in a sphere of rights protection and rendering of charitable, humanitarian, social-legal, rehab, consultive assistance for homeless people and citizens without registration.

First publishing of a Resource methodological centre says about combined – Social Policy Comittee of Saint Petersburg's Administration, «Maltese Help Service» and Nochlezhka – programm of assistance to people who turned out to be in difficult life's situation in Saint Petersburg, in delivering to the place of a residence to another region.

Employees of a Center will monitor mass media on a regularly basis, publish analytical materials, inform colleagues about all changes in legislation on a subject.
Publication of Collection of methodological recommendations is planning.
All those who wish to can easily receive a regular mailing with an information on actions performed by Centre.

All publications of a Centre will be available on sites of Saint Petersburg's fund Nochlezhka ( and interregional network «For overcoming social exclusion»

Program coordinator: Alexey Varsopko

A programm is implemented with a financial support of Ministry of economic development of Russian Federation and with an informational support of multiregional network «For overcoming social exclusion».

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