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The results achieved by Nochlezhka's projects in July


Results of Nochlezhka’s rehabilitation shelter in Borovaya street

In July our shelter accommodated 62 people, who received full support from the social workers, lawyers and psychologists of our charity.

The results of the Counselling Service

Nochlezhka’s social workers and lawyers accept visitors four days a week and see approximately 35 people on a daily basis.

In July social counselling was provided to 445 people.
Our lawyers consulted 40 people.

Food and hygiene sets were given out to – 301 people.
Clothes were given out to 309 people.
15 people have been employed (including cases with accommodation provided);
Assistance in restoring a Russian passport (including the cases that required legal proceedings)  - 8 people;
Assistance in establishing citizenship – 3 people;
Temporary registration (for 11 months) at Nochlezhka’s address – 3 people;
Assistance in obtaining a mandatory medical insurance policy – 3 people;
Assistance in re-issuing/obtaining an tax payer’s number, a work record book or a insurance number – 2 people;
Assistance in applying for a treatment and/or being accepted at a hospital –11 people;
Assistance in returning home in a different city (in collaboration the Maltese Aid Service included)  – 1 people;
Accepted to a care home for the elderly and disabled – 1 person;
Accepted to rehabilitation centres for alcohol and drug addicts and to shelters – 1 person;
Legal support – 5 people, including representation at court – 1 person.

The results of the Night Bus project
Over the month of July 507 people used its services with varying regularity, the volunteers gave out 3,098 hot meals.

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