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"Nochlezhka" opened "Intolerance cafe"


"Nochlezhka" opened a two-day "Intolerant cafe" at the festival "Vkontakte": July 18-19, this charitie volunteers gave visitors free lemonade, but not every guest a drink immediately offered. The café acted in a discriminatory schedule – every ten minutes the"Nochlezhka" volunteers refused people on any grounds: those who were in jeans or sunglasses, with blond hair or a backpack, jacket, or with a bag over his shoulder, with dark hair or in a t-shirt, in black clothes or sneakers, with a watch or in white clothes.

"Our visitors were perplexed and offended, why next to them someone without a backpack, for example, got a free lemonade but they didn’t. We explained to them that homeless people every day are faced with discrimination on various grounds, and are not able to recover documents, get medical care, get a job and even just quietly to sleep in a public place because of it. Next was our "Night bus", which never refuse anyone: every weekday he feeds 150-200 needy people. Of course, after explaining our refusal, everybody were treated to lemonade and asked to remember how unpleasant discrimination even on such a frivolous reason, as the color of the clothes," says Vlad Gasnikova, public relations specialist of the charitable organization "Nochlezhka".

Visitors of "Netoleratnoe cafe" responded to the speech of the volunteers of "Nochlezhka" about the problems of homeless people. In two days of the festival the guests have donated 14 727,5 rubles for the"Nochlezhka’s charity projects . This is enough money to provide 409 people with dinner at the"Night bus" stops –it cost 36 rubles to feed one person.

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