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Inhabitants of Petersburg wish homeless citizens a Happy New Year


A few days before New Year, on December 27th and 28th volunteers and employees of "Nochlezhka" will congratulate homeless citizens of Petersburg on a holiday.

Together with the usual dinner consisting of soup, bread and tea each homeless will receive a gift ration. It contains: fruit, sweets, canned food and funds of the hygiene, collected by not indifferent citizens.

In "Nochlezhka" 400 sets of gifts which will be distributed to homeless Petersburgers on parking of the Night bus, in heating Points on the Bypass channel and Kolomyazhsky Avenue and in a shelter on Pine-forest, 112 B are already packaged. Volunteers of the organization continue calculation of the remained products, means of hygiene and clothes. After new year these donations will be distributed also to homeless people.

"We are very grateful to all who responded to our request to present the homeless New year. School students came to "Nochlezhka". They collected products in the class. Pupils of Orphanage of creativity "Olympus", the elderly people who haven't regretted part of the modest pension on purchase of products, representatives of business and simple Petersburgers. Every year "Nochlezhka" collects more and more New Year's gifts that says that society becomes more sensitive to homeless people", – Alexander Dmitriev, the coordinator of volunteers of SPb BOO "Nochlezhka" speaks.

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