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Tomorrow Nochlezhka Will Close Its Warming Centers For the Homeless


Tonight, 30 March, will be the last in this season when Nochlezhka’s warming centers host the people because the charitable organization will close its three shelters tomorrow, on 31 March.     

Nochlezhka’s warming centers’ addresses:

1. Morskaya naberezhnaya, opposite the apartment building No 39/3;

2. Neyshlotsky pereulok, 23;

3. 9 yanvarya prospect, 8.

A warming center is a canvas heated tent which helps the homeless to survive winter, to save life and stay healthy. From early winter every person in need can spend a warm and safe night in these tents, get hot dinner and breakfast, warm and clean clothes, medical care, consultation and help of a social worker.  

The tents at Morskaya naberezhnaya and Neyshlotsky pereulok can host up to 60 people, at 9 yanvarya prospect up to 20 people.

During this season the Nochlezhka’s warming centers hosted several hundreds of people. The volunteers now analyze the information about these guests in order to calculate their exact number.   

“Though we managed to open a record number of tents this winter possible for our organization, their availability is questionable. Warming centers shall be opened in each municipal district of the city to ensure people in need may survive winter safely. Any person in need shall be given opportunity to spend night in them”, Andrey Chapaev, the Warming Center project coordinator of the Nochlezhka charity organization, says.

The Nochlezka’s tents were opened this winter thanks to co-financing by the administrations of Vasileostrovsky, Kalininsky and Frunzensky districts, Social Policy Committee and Saint-Petersburg Municipal Station of Registration of People Without Permanent Address.

According to official data only 2,198 people who have no permanent address died in St. Petersburg in 2013. The history shows that around half of these people die during winter. Hundreds of people became disabled as a result of amputations.

Nochlezhka will probably get the official statistics for 2014 from the state authorities only in the middle of 2015.


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