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Nochlezhka Opens Heating Points for Homeless People


On Monday, 2 December, Nochlezhka opened a heating station for homeless people in partnership with the authorities of Frenzensky district and the Municipal Committee on Social Policy. This year the tent is located at 20/80, Rasstannaya str, in the courtyard of the Centre of Comprehensive Social Services for the Population of Frunzensky district.

Heating point – is a heated tent which can accommodate up to 50 people and helps homeless people survive the winter. During the cold season everyone in need can spend a night in safety and warmth, get a hot supper and breakfast, clean and warm clothes, medical aid and counselling from social workers.

At the moment Nochlezhka has enough money for a month and a half of running the heating station. To keep the tent open until the end of winter we need to collect 300,000 roubles more. Nochlezhka team is hoping to get some help from the people of St Petersburg, who have been supporting the heating station every year.

Over the last year the heating station accommodated 558 people, who spent the total of 4926 nights there, pre-hospital medical help was provided 497 times.

According to the official statistics alone, 1042 homeless people died in St. Petersburg between November 2012 and March 2013. Hundreds more became disabled as a result of amputations.

‘So that homeless people could get through the winter safely and without serious injuries, each district of the city should have at least one heating station. It does not matter who organises and funds them, the administration of the district, the Ministry of Emergency Management or the Army, as long as homeless people do not have to anticipate each night as possibly their last one. At the moment we rely on the support of people of St. Petersburg who help us every winter. You can find out how to donate money towards running the tent at
our website’, – says Grigory Serdlin, the director of Nochlezhka.

In mid-December Nochlezhka was planning to open another heating station on Vasiliesvky island with the help of the administration of the district and the Municipal Committee on Social Policy.

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