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Nochlezhka opens heating point on Vasilievsky Island


On December 9, 2013, “Nochlezhka” will open its second Heating Point near Morskaya Naberezhnaya st., 39/3. This shelter will be partially financialy supported by the Vasilevsky district administration and by the Social Policy Commitee of St Petersburg.

A Heating Point is a heated 40 person tent, where the homeless can spend a night, have a warm meal, get clean winter clothes, receive medical attention and consult social workers.

This winter, the first Nochlezhkas's Heating Point was opened on December 2, at Rasstannaya st. 20/80. Today, Nochlezhka has money for one and a half months of the shelters' functioning. To operate them the whole winter through “Nochlezhka” needs about 400 000 rubles more. We hope the citizens, who support the Heating Points every winter, will help us again.

“On our site,, one can learn about the ways to donate money. Each and every ruble of the donations is important. One night in a warming shelter for a one homeless person costs us only 150 rubles”, - says Grigory Sverdlin, the director of Nochlezhka.

Last year 558 people spent their nights in Nochlezhka's Heating Point. In general, they spent 4926 nights there. Medical aid was provided 497 times.

Official statistics says that from November 2012 to March 2013 1042 homeless of St Petersburg died, and hundreds of them became disabled because of cold-related injuries and amputations.





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