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HeadHunter is helping Nochlezhka find jobs for the homeless people


Nochlezhka website now features a job-seeking service from the Headhunter recruiting portal. The page on Nochlezhka website now features recent job ads that might be suitable for the clients. The ads are for manual jobs, for candidates without job experience, and for disabled people who live in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

According to Nochlezhka’s data, more than a half of the homeless people in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region don’t have even a temporary part-time job, and, consequently, money for living expenses. “Finding jobs for the homeless people is one of the most difficult tasks, so our social workers are helping the clients in their search. Giving a person a way to provide for themselves, to earn money, rent a place, is the best way to help the homeless people who are able to work.” - says Grigorii Sverdlin, Nochlezhka director.

In 2013, Nochlezhka specialists helped 89 people find official employment and another 200 people found options for temporary jobs. 

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