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Tomorrow Nochlezhka wishes the homeless citizens a happy New Year


On Friday, December 27, employees and volunteers of “Nochlezhka” will give the New Year gifts to the homeless. The gifts will be given at the “Night Bus” stops, at the “Nochlezhka”’s shelter, at warming shelters and at the “Nochlezhka”’s consulting service center.

Preparations for this traditional event named “Manadrinka i Tushenka” (“An Orange and Canned Stew”) lasted for a month. Citizens of St Petersburg donated enough food, clothes and personal hygiene products to make 520 gift sets.

Each gift set consists of 2 cans of preserves, 20 tea bags and 20 pieces of sugar, 2 packs of instant noodles/mashed potatoes, 1 pack of cookies, 2 pieces of soap, 2 safety razors, 1 tube of hand cream, 1 toothbrush, 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of gloves, some oranges and some sweets. The donated goods which did not go into the gift boxes will be distributed among the homeless before, during and after the holidays.

“Thank to all the citizens and organizations which supported our New Year event. Each year more and more people join it, and we manage to make more and more gifts. For us, this means that the society becomes more and more sympathetic to the homeless. People understand that each and every one may one day lose his or her home for reasons beyond one’s control”, – says Grigory Sverdlin, the director of “Nochlezhka”.

Special thanks to the volunteers who helped to organize the event, to “Nabludateli Peterburga” for the room to store and sort the donations, to the shops “Spasibo” and “Tramontana” which helped us to gather the donations, and to logistics company “Finmar” which helps “Nochlezhka” with transportation.

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