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Our European Colleagues Come to Study Nochlezhka's Experiences


Today, Nochlezhka receives guests from Finland and Denmark: under the experience exchange program, European social workers come to study Russian practices of helping the homeless people. 

The representatives of the Helsinki organization Vailla Vakinaista Asuntoa Ry and the Copenhagen organization  Udenfor will spend three days, from October, 6, to October, 9, in St Petersburg. They'll familiarize themselves with all Nochlezhka's projects and visit three other organizations which help the city homeless too: Pokrovskaya Obshina, Sodeistvie, and Maltiyskaya Sluzhba Pomoshi. 

On Wednesday, October, 8, our colleagues from Vailla Vakinaista Asuntoa Ry and Udenfor will share their impressions from Russian homeless assistance system and compare it to the Finnish and Dutch ones. They will also talk about the plans of cooperation between St Petersburg, Helsinki and Copenhagen in the spheres of providing the social, the legal and the humanitarian aid to those in need. 

“Learning about the experience of colleagues always helps to widen one's oun boundaries, to see the ususal problems from a new angle, to find the best solutions, and to feel encouragment. Also, this visit will give our guests a picture of the homeless people's situation in Russia” - said Ivetta Sergeeva, Nochlezhka' coordinator of the experience exchange program. 

The program of experience exchange and development of co-operation between St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Copenhagen in the spheres of social, legal and humanitarian assistance to the homeless and research issues of homelessness in these regions is financially supported by Nordic Council of Ministers. Nochlezhka employees visited Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry and Udenfor in August this year under this program.

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