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Cafes and restaurants of St. Petersburg for the second time are going to help the homeless to spend the winter


On Friday, September 26, Nochlezhka will hold a charity event "espresso-aid" for the second time. All profits from this day coffee sales will go to Nochlezhka's shelter for homeless people. 

The idea of our campaign is that by buying coffee people may help the homeless. Two cups of coffee at an average price - it is a day of life of a homeless person in the shelter. 

Date of September 26 was not chosen by chance. On this day the charity Coffee Day takes place in Europe. The 20th  «The World's Biggest Coffee Morning» is the day when the cafes and the people sell coffee and transfer the profits to charity. Thus, St. Petersburg joins the European project, a charitable action "Espresso-help." 

“In July, 49 restaurants and cafes took part in our first “Espresso-help”, and we collected 60,274 rubles. This money is enough for a week of the shelter's work. We are grateful to all those who participated and donated the profits to Nochlezhka. Nowadays, more than 18 organizations support the upcoming campaign, and we hope that there will be more and more supporters with every next “Espresso-help" - says Victoria Ryzhkova, the coordinator of the event. 

Nochlezhka invites cafes, bars and restaurants to join the action, and to sell all or part of the coffee in favor of Nochelzhka. 

Nochlezhka's partner, the company "Department of coffee", prepared a nice bonus: each participant will get 0.5 kg of great coffee beans. 

On September 26, Nochlezhka will hang posters and  put informational leaflets on the tables of the participating cafes.

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