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"Espress-aid" Has Raised 43,272 Rubles For Nochlezhka


Municipal food facilities have raised 43,272 rubles in favor of Nochlezhka within the Espress-assistance promotional event. This money will cover the expenses of the charitable organization for six month’s rehabilitation of one homeless individual. This is the period during which the Nochlezhka’s social specialists usually help an individual to recover ID documents, be employed, rent housing, leave for his/her home town or get social benefits and return to normal life.    

On 28 March 24 cafes and restaurants of our city sold coffee in favor of Nochlezhka. The Ukrop, Mitte, Woodbar, Edda, Knigi i kofe, Zavodnye yaitsa, PeliPasta café chains, the Khroniki, Brimborium and O, sport! bars, Go!Kofe, Beri i begi, Espresso Bike, Coffee 22 coffee-houses, the Chuk meat house, the Rugby House pub, the Matisov, Lyubov, Gosti restaurants have participated in the Espress-assistance third promotional event.

“Thanks a lot to all cafes and restaurants which shared their proceeds with us and to all citizens for every cup of coffee they ordered! The Espress-assistance is not only raising money for financing the work of our rehabilitation center but also the possibility to tell people about Nochlezhka, the homelessness and that it is possible to return people from the streets to normal life”, Anastasia Sadovnikova, the Espress-assistance promotional event coordinator, says.

“We trust Nochlezhka and know that it helps every person in need. We are sure that money raised within the Espress-assistance event will be used for good thing”, Vladimir Moskvin, the Mitte café owner, notes.   

“Coffee has a row of useful properties. For example, caffeine which is a component of this drink increases dopamine level, a ferment that activates pleasure centers. It is cool that during this event one can discover one more coffee’s property, which is to help people. We think it brings much more pleasure than caffeine,”
the employees of the Ukrop vegetarian café say.


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