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Corporate Christmas gifts make a difference


Nochlezhka holds an event "Gifts matter": the charity organization offers companies a noble and original way to congratulate their partners and employees on the New Year. Every year significant sums, which could change the lives of those in need, are spent on the typical and not always wanted gifts. 

Nochlezhka offers two ways to spend the funds meant for such gifts. Any amount of money can be donated to the rehabilitation shelter for homeless people or spent on buying gifts from Nochlezhka's thrift store. Also, at your request, the organization will prepare party T-shirts, cups, bags in the quantity and colors your company wants. 

Together with an advertising agency Great, Nochlezhka will a create a stylish Christmas card for, in which your company's charitable action will be described. 

"Recently, the corporate culture of responsible attitude to the New Year's gifts is becoming popular in Russian business. Corporate social responsibility plays an increasingly important role. New Year is a good time for people and for companis to do good deeds, "- says Grigoriy Sverdlin, director of St. Petersburg NGO Nochlezhka.

To participate, contact the coordinator Vlad Gasnikova,, + 7921367 75 06 

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