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On 24th November, Nochlezhka will participate in a press conference on ‘Helping homeless people of St Petersburg in the winter of 2015-2016’


24th November 2015, 11:00

TASS-North-West Press-Centre,

37 A, Shpalernaya street

Accreditation required

+ 7 812 643 60 63

At 11 a.m. on 24 November the TASS Press Centre will hold a press conference titled ‘Helping homeless people of St Petersburg in the winter of 2015-2016’.


According to weather forecasts, the temperature in St. Petersburg will drop below zero in December. According to the statistics provided by the city’s registry office, 1,194 homeless people died in St. Petersburg in 2014. Based on the experience of previous years, we can estimate that around half of these people die during winter months. Hundreds more people became disabled as a result of amputations.

The city has previously failed to establish an accessible and efficient system of emergency aid to homeless people during cold months.


Has anything changed since last year, has the city prepared for this winter in order to provide a safe life for those without homes? Which districts will have accessible heating centres where people in need can find warm and safe shelter at night? Are there programmes of social and legal rehabilitation for this part of the population?


Participants of the press-conference:

1. Human rights ombudsman in St. Petersburg, Alexander Shishlov;

2. Head of the Social Programmes department of the Committee for Social Policy of St. Petersburg, Sergey Matskevich;

3. Head of the Nochlezhka charitable organisation, Grigory Sverdlin.


For all enquiries and accreditation:

+7 (812) 643-60-63 (812) 643-60-63


37 А, Shpalernaya street,

St. Petersburg


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