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Coffee Festival raises 295,900 roubles for Nochlezhka


The first Coffee Festival to take place in Russia has raised 295,900 roubles for Nochlezhka. The festival took place on 24 September in St. Petersburg, at the Palma working space, and on 2 October in Moscow – at the Flacon design-factory.

The money raised at the Coffee Festival will be enough to cover the accommodation and case management of seven homeless people. On average each homeless person spends four months at Nochlezhka’s shelter, costing 45,459 roubles.

When a homeless person comes to Nochlezhka’s Shelter to stay, they get more than just a place to sleep in decent conditions – they get full support from social workers, lawyers and therapists. Depending on the case, Nochlezhka’s specialists help they clients to get their papers re-issued, get a job, find a place to rent, find relatives and return home, get registered for disability or retirement benefits, get registered as disabled, find a place at a care home, contest a fraudulent transaction at court and get access to social housing. In 2015, 233 people received help at our shelter and with our support, most of them have returned to more stable lives.

‘We would like to thank everyone who came to the Coffee Festival, who helped organise it, and who managed to raise such a considerable amount towards our shelter. We really appreciate the fact that Nochlezhka itself did not have to spend any funds to organise this festival or even any effort of its employees or volunteers. What is more, apart from the money, we also received a lot of attention from coffee-lovers in two cities’, says Grigory Sverdlin, the head of the charity.

Nochlezhka sincerely thanks the team of the organisers of the Coffee Festival which was led by Irina Shubina. We would also like to five special thanks to the sponsor of the festival, Valio.

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