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St. Petersburg charity organisations started a Charity Challenge event


Friday, April 24th, 14:00. Students of "Anton tut ryadom" center are going to feed the homeless.
Nochlezhka's shelter on ul. Borovaya, 112B 

Charities of St. Petersburg launched a chain or a relay race of good deeds called the Charity Challenge. The principle is simple: a charity B performs a task, received from a charity A (for example, to collect a package of warm clothes, conduct a master class, prepare meals for giveaway, etc.). Targets are specified in advance, so that they are real and useful for the wards of the Charity fund which passes the baton. After the task is completed, the organisation B, in its turn, gives a task to another organization, and then everything goes in a circle. 

Charity Challenge - is an opportunity to unite a variety of organisations in one project: large and small, secular and religious, protectors of the city and fighters for the rights of the homeless. 

Charity Challenge is similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, a global flash mob in which people had to pour on themselves a bucket of ice water, and make a donation to the ALS Association charity fund. The event began in March, when Nochlezhka's employees donated blood for the type identification, so they became potential donors of the bone marrow for the "Ad Vita" charitable fund. 

The baton was passed to "Anton tut ryadom" center and on Friday, April 24th, the staff and students of the center will prepare dinner for 55 people (in the menu are turmeric rice and tofu with mushrooms and cauliflower) and feed the inhabitants of Nochlezhka's shelter. The volunteers of the center will also bake cakes for the "Night Bus" - the mobile aid project of Nochlezhka. 

The next participant will be "Warm Home" fund, which, in its turn, will help "Anton tut ryadom" center. "Warm Home" will take part in the improvement of a summer house, where students of the center will live during a warm season. There are 17 well-known St. Petersburg charity organizations which will take part in the Charity Challenge: "Nochlezhka", "AdVita", "Anton tut ryadom", "Prospects", "Children of B.E.L.A.", "Upsala Circus", "Down Center" "Plantain", "Parents bridge", "Warm Home", "Diakonia", "April", "Bellona", "The beautiful Petersburg", "Caritas", "Memorial", the foundation for homeless animals "Fidelity". "It seems natural that charities not only help their wards, but they help each other as well. The Charity Challenge is a benefit to the wards of each organization and the ability to involve citizens in the chain of good deeds. Also it is a way to show different ways to help the needу, so that everyone can find something he can do." - says Gregory Sverdlin, the director of the charitable organization "Nochlezhka". 

The picture shows employees of "Nochlezhka" charity organisation after donating blood on the porch of the "Raisa Gorbachev Research institute of children's Oncology, Hematology and Transplantation".

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