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"Nochlezhka", AdVita and "Anton near here" collected 157,200 rubles at a charity auction


"Nochlezhka", AdVita and "Anton near here", summed up the results of the auction "What a Pushkin": on Internet auction they earned 157,200 rubles to help their wards. Lots "Nochlezhka" charity brought 50 800 rubles.

At the auction in the web-store "Easy-easy" the charities were selling unique books from the Pushkin House, paintings of Petersburg artists Alexander Florensky, Alexander Wojciechowski, Victor Tikhomirov, Michael Shapiro, Vladimir Bendych, Igor Golubentsev, Yuri Molodkovets, personal belongings of Boris Grebenshchikov, Sergei Shnurova, Vyacheslav Malafeev and crafts made by their wards.

The most expensive lot was the painting "I’m Pushkin" Victor Tikhomirov - "Anton near here" bought it for 25,200 rubles in favor of the center. The most popular item -Sergei Shnurov’s "LOMO"camera autographed by musician, for which bidders made 12 bids. The winner bought a camera for 7,300 rubles in favor of "Nochlezhka."

"Our organization lives on donations. And in summer time collecting them becomes particularly hard. I am very pleased that the auction turned out. 50,000 is enough for “Nochlezhka”to ensure that the help to solve social issues were able to get about 200 people, "- says Gregory Sverdlin, director of the charitable organization" Nochlezhka".

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